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Here are the details from our "until now", largest mobile full forage wagons.
A 32 Nolan Feeder.








A look under the screen, reveals our powerful 2 1/2" roller chain, from Rexnord as well as our automatic grease lubrication ring. 







A closer look at the chain and chain tensioner.








A glance at the reinforced paddle arms through out feeding hatch.




Paddelblanderen giver bevægelse i hele blandekarret og sikrer en luftig struktur og en ensartethed, som ikke opnås af andre blandeprincipper.
Antallet af 
Its possible to add extra cutters, in order to achieve more homogeny feed structure, or ingredients in feed, contains very coarse straw parts, its possible to achieve a more consistent and granular quality. Which ensure the optimal exploitation, were most energy/protein in the feed can be absorbed. 




Mobile "Nolan Feeder" 24 and larger, they all have as standard mounted boogie for maximum stability. 





Our Mobile Nolan Feeder are mounted as standard, with adjustable out feeding chute.
Are you in need of a side lift, mounted these in different types and lengths.
Out feeding for both sides, can be a wish in a barn, where there is only gateway, at one end. This responds to the needs we also easily by placing a right and left out feeding elevator, in a specially-designed under the frame.






Our heavy (Quality) loadcells ensures precise dosage of every mix.
Reinforced out-feeding-hatch in solid frame



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