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Nolan Pitchfork is without a doubt the largest, strongest and most powerful grip.

Nolan Pitchfork is produced in special hardened steel, but in addition will be both sides, 8 side teeth and 6 suspension all produced in Hardox steel.

The 25 teeth which sits in tooth bar will be as tooth bar all produced in special hardened steel. The 25 teeth produced in cone 2.

Tooth bar design and material composition makes this not deform under load.

These facts make that Nolan Pitchfork can cope with extremely large loads and is incredibly shear stable.

Nolan Pitchfork is a very sensible by-election when requiring more efficiency, also saves a lot of time at work in the stack when roughage be pushed together.

Nolan Pitchfork fits on all types of front loaders and is very quick to assemble/disassemble.

Technical data:
Width               : 290cm
Height              : 130 cm
Tooth length     : 112
Taper               : 2
Number of teeth: 25 PCs
Tooth spacing   : 11 cm

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