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Nolan 14 Feeder
The Nolan Feeder will be upgraded and have a overall renovation.
Feeder is equipped with 2, 2 m. belt lift.

renovation will among other things include, replacement of the shroud and paddle rubber, as well as new rotor seals, bearings and elevator belt, further will all moving parts be controlled, and if necessary replaced.

Feeder are upgraded, were the chain drive, will be exchanged to new gearboxin order to achieve increased durability and lifetime.

There will be given standard warranty terms and conditions as part of trade.
NB! Can be purchased whit out renovation, at a reduced price.

Price with belt lift, after refurbishment49.000, Dkr.




Nolan 14 Feeder
Nolan Feeder is equipped with Eaton weighing computer, with programmable feed planer.

Feed tank can be monted with
new reinforced plates inside.

year 1997

Price 19.000,- Dkr. 



Maskinen er  solgt men kontakt os for en lignende løsning







As part of overall renovation, will all warn out parts be replaced, all bolts are controlled and moving parts are adjusted and calibrated.
As finishing the renovation, will it get new overall coating.


Delivered tested and controlled.
Nolan v/ Røn Petersen Aps.

Petersmindevej 2, 8800 Viborg.
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